Marika Tjelios is a Montreal born Los Angeles based composer, musician and sound artist. She has provided music for the award winning documentary A Place To Live: The Story of Triangle Square, featurettes for Warner’s Seasons 1 and 2 DVD releases of Two and a Half Men as well as Honda Civic’s interactive web campaign. Her feature film work for Perfection and B4 can be streamed on Amazon’s website. As a sound editor Marika has worked on Mary Sweeney’s Baraboo and Alex Cox’s Repo Chick both released in 2009.

Along with her film work Marika is an active musician and producer, performing in and around Los Angeles with the bands Leda Atomica and Git’Er Done. Most recently, Marika has laid down the bass grooves for singer/songwriter Ashleigh Flynn.

Marika’s past credits include touring and recording with Men Without Hats, Melissa Ferrick, Gogh Van Go, Sue Medley and Jariya. She has worked with producers Gavin MacKillop, Pierre Marchand and engineer Paul Northfield.

Marika is a graduate of Concordia University and Berklee College of Music.