UK Peeps: Perfection Premiere

wpmarika / January 27, 2013

SATURDAY February 9, 2013
Rio Cinema 107 Kingsland High St. London, E82PB
2:30 pm

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Q&A with writer, director, actress Christina Beck following the film.

PERFECTION is set in Los Angeles and is an eye-opening portrayal of
the city rarely seen in mainstream Hollywood movies. The film tells
the story of Kristabelle, a 30 something who still lives with her
mother and cuts herself to feel alive. Her mother is addicted to
plastic surgery, trying to regain her youth. Through the help of a pot
smoking young lover and a newly sober British stand up comic, they all
find that love can be more than skin deep.

Title: Perfection, 2012, USA, 85 min
Director/writer: Christina Beck
Producers: Tatiana Kelly, Annette Murphy
Co Producers: Beth Dewey, Robert Poswall
Director of Photography: Robert Poswall
Editor: Katy Skjering
Composer: Marika Tjelios
Starring: Robyn Peterson,David Melville, Jeff Kober, Jackson Davis,Jamela Biggs and Christina Beck

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